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Small Business Consulting


Consulting Services

We focus on small businesses. Our services include advice on starting a small business, writing marketing plans, writing business plans, business operations analysis, management, marketing and business operations consulting.

Start Ups:

Business Plan Preparation: If you are trying to obtain financing for a business startup or growing your existing business, it is very important to have a professionally written business plan. This is a very important document that often serves as the company’s first introduction to investors and as a road map for the business owner. We can act as your business startup consultant and help you through the process. Marketing Plan: Need help increasing your company’s sales with an effective marketing plan? Let us help. We can do your market analysis and then assist you in developing marketing strategies and tactics to reach the targeted customers. Business Analysis: We can come in and audit your business systems.  This business analysis will show the strengths and weaknesses within your business.  This gives you an excellent starting point for improving your business operations. Business Operations Consulting: We help with strategic planning, cash flow planning, cost control, budgeting, management issues, quality improvement programs, process development, inventory management, people management systems, merit pay systems, business performance metrics and more.

Established Businesses:

Many businesses get into trouble and don’t know what to do.  For this type of business we have a 4 step approach: 1. Goal Setting 2. Getting Finances in Order a. Cleaning up QuickBooks b. Starting a cash flow system up and running for better cash management c. Evaluating prices and creating a new pricing model d. Reviewing management structure and controls e. Review credit needs to eliminate credit card usage 3. Establishing Better Business Processes a. Review inventory management b. Review employee and contractor management c. Assess productivity d. Implement an incentive plan 4. Initiating a Sales and Marketing Program to Increase Sales   We offer easy payment plans to spread the cost of your project over time to help your with your cash flow needs. We understand your need to reduce costs and we are here for you with ideas to help!

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